The 21st Meredith Music Festival


Have to sincerely thank Everyone who was There for being part of That. Wow. Felt like another Great Meredith. Thanks firstly should perhaps go to Mother Nature and her sweet benevolence for the turned-out-be perfect weather; the thunderstorms missed us and really the little rain that we did get was just enough to refresh things.

So much happened …I just can’t sum it all up.

Feedback keeps Meredith vital so if you have a minute we’d love to know how it was for you.

Cosmic thanks to Angus Sampson for being our astronaut high above the Amphitheatre Saturday night to narrate the lunar eclipse. And to everyone who belted out the National Anthem of the Moon; spine-tingling.

Grinderman called it quits at the end of their set. How bout that. Honeybee lets fly to Mars. bzzzzzzzz.

The caterpillar in the artwork this year is the one that becomes the Monarch butterfly that was at the festival in massive numbers. Perfect timing. (thanks again, Mummy N).

I’ll add to this as thoughts and memories come to mind. Yes, might need to sweeten the new Meredith Sunset cocktail. Sure.

Some photographic highlights from the weekend, thanks to Ben Loveridge, Kristy Milliken and Ty Johnson. And you can view some videos here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, with thanks to Rob McCafferty and his team.

See you at Golden Plains?

Until Next Time, with eternal gratitude and respect,


Meredith started in 1991 as a party for about 200 people. One stage, BYO, a natural amphitheatre, minimal hassles and glorious liberty to luxuriate in. Fun. Freedom. A haven. It was a festival created by the people who went to it, and the event itself morphed and adapted to those people’s wishes along the way. We consider our primary task is to ensure that essence is Protected and indeed Enhanced every year. Meredith evolved from the ground up; all good things take time.


Aunty Meredith and the Supernatural Custodians

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